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Jemitra Renea

weaver of tales

maker of things

curator of transformative events


Jemitra Renea hails from a small town nestled in the lush, green rolling hills at the foot of the Blue ridge Mountain range. She was born into a family of creatives and educators.

True to her roots, but thousands of miles away from the soil from which she sprung, Renea carries on the family tradition of making and teaching, but in her own unique way.

Jemitra Renea’s devotion to tradition and transformation manifests itself through:


Jemitra Renea is an oral storyteller with a penchant for folktales, autobiographical stories, and the sorts of stories that blur the line between the real and the imagined.

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Leather Craft

Jemitra Renea is a leather crafter, making leather accessories using traditional techniques, such as:  hand stitching, braiding, wet molding, and carving.

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Jemitra Renea is a cordwainer, making shoes and boots by hand using traditional techniques and tools.

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Jemitra Renea curates events that are specially designed for those who love yoga, storytelling and making things. Her events are set in either urban or rural locales and include storytelling, yoga, and craft while exploring the spiritual dimensions of working with one’s hands.

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