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Yoga Mat Straps 3cm

Yoga Mat Straps 3cm

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Simple and elegant with thicker straps. Perfect for the minimalist yogi who desires a bolder strap profile. Straps can be plain or with a decorative, contrasting line.

Featured here are our straps in antique black with and without a pocket. Also featured are our straps in medium brown featuring hand carved details and rounded ends.


Shoulderstrap 3 cm wide, 170 cm long

Sidestrap 2 1/2 cm wide, 53 cm long


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Heartstain’s hand crafted yoga mat straps provide you with a stylish and durable solution for transporting your yoga mat.  Our mats are cut, painted, decorated, and stitched by hand using traditional leather crafting techniques and high quality materials.

Our mat straps are composed of:

  • Main shoulder strap (adjustable or non-adjustable)
  • Side straps that can be adjusted to fit your mat, whether you tend to roll your mat tightly or loosely
  • Metal hardware, copper or brass
  • Pockets, for an additional cost


Available strap colors:

  • Antique brown
  • Antique black
  • Dark brown
  • Light brown
  • Navy blue
  • British tan (which is more of a brownish red color)
  • Oxblood red
  • Natural