by Jemitra Renea



Jemitra Renea is a yoga teacher and storyteller from the southern parts of the United States. Renea has been teaching yoga for 14 years and has been practicing yoga in its myriad forms for almost 20 years. She completed her foundational teacher training in 2004 at Tranquil Space Yoga in Washington, DC. Since then, Jemitra Renea has gone on to complete additional teacher trainings and workshops with yoga luminaries around the world, including Karen’s Yoga Anatomy course at Meadowlark Yoga in Edinburgh.

Jemitra Renea has practiced and taught yoga across the United States and Europe.  She was the senior teacher at Balanzs Yoga, the biggest yoga studio in the Netherlands for nearly 7 years. Renea also co-developed and taught Balanzs Yoga's comprehensive yoga teacher training program.

Jemitra Renea is known for her signature masterclasses and Flow and Tells which blend the two ancient traditions of yoga and oral storytelling.

Jemitra Renea's classes are grounded in anatomy with plenty of hands on adjustments. Her love of storytelling expresses itself throughout her classes which are like moving stories with a beginning, climax, and ending. Sprinkled throughout her classes are anecdotes, ancient wisdom, poems, and stories that remind you that all of life is an adventure and you are the hero.

Below are descriptions of the yoga and storytelling experiences that Jemitra Renea will curate for you.

Teaching Schedule

Monday 6:30-7:30 am Yoga Furie, 201 Ashley Down Road, Bristol, England

Wednesday 7:30-8:45 pm Bristol Yoga Centre, 10 Park Row, Bristol, England (From 2 January)

Thursday 8:30-9:45 am Yoga Sara, 10-12 Picton Street, Bristol, England

Sunday 6:00-7:15 pm Yoga Furie, 201 Ashley Down Road, Bristol, England


signature masterclass

a flow of birds

Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, you have probably noticed that yoga has several unique features. One of yoga’s most unique and charming features is that many asanas are named after birds.

This 90 minute flow style masterclass includes all the classic asanas: eagle, heron, pigeon, peacock, and the crows plus a few extra aviary surprises here and there. During the class, we will make a physical exploration of the birdlike qualities of freedom, lightness, and flight. Students will be encouraged to consider ways to bring those qualities off the mat and into everyday life. This masterclass is suitable for all levels. Be ready to sweat and take flight.


signaTure masterclass

Flow and tell: Hanuman, the reluctant hero

In this 90-minute masterclass, you will meet Lord Hanuman, the beloved monkey god of yoga and reluctant hero. Hanuman is renowned for his loyalty and bravery and for having made a leap of faith that made all the difference.

This masterclass begins with the telling of how Hanuman got his monkey’s head. Then we will flow through a series of vinyasas that open the hamstrings and open and strengthen the quadriceps in preparation for our peak pose, Hanumasana (full split). There will modifications for those with grumpy hamstrings as well as fun transitions in and out of various asanas. This masterclass is not suitable for those with hamstring or hip flexor injuries. Be ready to sweat and make a leap of faith.

signaTure masterclass


as inspired by Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey

The Hero’s Journey is the basis of many stories and myths found in cultures all around the world. However, the Hero’s Journey is not just the stuff of legend. It is a living and breathing set of experiences through which we humans evolve into our best self.

This 90-minute masterclass is based on the stages of the Hero’s Journey. Viewed through the lens of the Hero’s Journey, we see how every yoga class is a journey of transformation. This is a physical class that will begin with the telling of the story of Virabhadra, Shiva’s hero friend. Then we will flow through a series of heating vinyasas featuring Virabhadrasana A, B, C, and some funky modern variations! Even though this is quite the physical class, there will be plenty of philosophical bread crumbs strewn along the path. It is suitable for all levels. Be ready to sweat and take the red pill.


signaTure masterclass


This 90-minute masterclass begins with the telling of the story of Visvamitra, his confrontation with Vasistha and how he went from being an ambitious king to being one of the most venerated sages in all of India. We will then flow through several vinyasas that lead to Visvamitrasana as a peak pose and symbolize his journey towards wisdom.  Along the way, we will weave in various versions of Vasisthasana, the side plank position named after Vasistha.  Vasistha was another great sage and for Visvamitra, he was a mighty foe. 

We will explore various transitions in and out of Visvamitrasana.  This is a challenging class not suitable for those with wrist and/or hamstring injuries. Be ready to sweat and find out what true power is.


signaTure masterclass



This 90-minute masterclass begins with one of the Anansesem, the Spider Tales.  The Anansesem feature Anansi, the beloved spider deity whose stories are told all thorugh the African diaspora.  Sometimes Anansi is a man and sometimes Anansi is a spider.  Sometimes Anansi is a spider with a man's face!  You never know how Anansi will appear, but one thing is for sure.  All stories belong to Anansi.  In this masterclass, you will witness how Anansi outsmarted Snake and became the owner of stories.  Then we will flow through a series of vinyasas including asanas named after the animal characters in Anansi's tale.  This class is appropriate for everyone and is sure to be a delight. Be ready to sweat and be inspired to do the impossible.


signaTure masterclass


This 90-minute masterclass begins with the telling of the story of Astavakra, who was born crippled and a fully enlightened being.  We will follow Astavakra as he makes his journey to find his spiritual community and witness how he ended up humbling a king and his entire court in the process.  We will flow through a series of vinyasas that lead to Astavakrasana as a peak pose and symbolize his journey to find his tribe. Then we will focus on Astavakrasana, explore some variations, and transitions. This is a challenging class not suitable for those with wrist or shoulder injuries. Be ready to sweat and see beyond appearances.


masterclass series:

anatomical flow


Have you ever been to a yoga class and heard mysterious terms being thrown about?  I’m not talking about the bandhas nor the drishtis.  But words like:  iliopsoas, trapezius, the lattisimus dorsi, and goodness me, fascia!  If so, then this masterclass series is for you.  Specially designed for the serious yogi who wants to know more about yoga anatomy, we will make an exploration of basic anatomy within the context of a vinyasa flow class.

Each weekend will be devoted to the anatomy of a particular part of the body.  Then you will flow through a series of vinyasa related to that weekend’s area of focus.  The result is an embodied understanding of what can be abstract concepts.

You will learn: 

  • Bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles

  • Mechanics of breathing

  • Structures of the feet, legs and lower body

  • Structures of the pelvis and hips

  • Structures of the back and shoulders

More information to follow.


Teacher training:

storytelling techniques for yoga teachers


Almost every family has that uncle, aunt, grandma, or grandpa who was a brilliant storyteller.  Their stories grabbed and held our attention, entertained us, made us laugh and sometimes made us cry.  There was often a moral at the end that helped us be better people.  What if you could do the same thing for your students?

This workshop blends together the two ancient traditions of storytelling and yoga.  Yoga is deeply healing for the body.  Storytelling is deeply healing for the psyche.  Add storytelling to your teaching medicine bag and watch your teaching take off to new heights.

During this workshop, you will learn traditional storytelling techniques.  You will also learn:

  • The similarities between a yoga class and the story arc

  • Be introduced to the stages of the Hero’s Journey and how it relates to a yoga class

  • Learn the different types of voice, how to access the different voices, and when to use different types of voice in yoga classes

  • Techniques for optimizing the use of your voice

  • How to given an effective dharma talk

  • Skillful integration of anecdotes, personal stories, and wisdom throughout a class


Teacher training:

the art and science of adjustments

Hands on adjustments are a beautiful form of bodywork that can take students into new places in their body, helping them get the most out of their asana practice.

As a yoga teacher, you can greatly enhance your student’s class experience through the gift of hands on adjustments.  Yet many teachers do not know where to touch their students nor how to touch their students. 

During this training, you will learn:

  • Basic anatomy

  • Different movements of the body

  • Principles for adjusting

  • The types of adjustments that can be given

  • How to use your feet as adjustment tools

  • Thai yoga massage techniques for adjusting

  • How to safely and effectively adjust across all categories of asanas

This training is designed for teachers who have completed a 200-hour teacher training program.